About EXD 2020 Year Zero

Updated: Apr 10, 2021


F@#k the status quo

Revolutionizing traditional conventions

Experience design mindset, methods and tools

to guide human transformation in the new decade.

Experience Design Summit Compass

The method we use at the Summit to guide our participants is the Experience Design Summit Compass. Our Compass includes four distinct design principles that help us guide our participants through the Maze of Transformation.

Experience Design Summit Compass ©​

1 Aspiring

2 Playing

3 Co-Creating

4 Grounding.



Embrace transformation. Make change happen in the new decade.

Introducing Experience Design as a valuable tool to create memorable and transformative interactions to revamp your personal and professional lives. We challenge the alternation of habits and lifestyles as we take the ordinary in our daily routine for granted. Together with renowned speakers and experience designers, we will co-create a space that encourages exploration of ideas via different approaches in a unique location that supports stepping out of the traditional thinking patterns. We focus on the topics of status quo reset, mindset transformation, global consciousness and futurism. This summit will provide you the mindset, methods and tools to create experiences and guide transformations in your personal and business environments. This will be done by impactful EXD talks, live performances and guided immersive experiences, delivered transformational facilitators.


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