EXD 2020 Speakers, Performers, and Experience Designers

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Social Entrepreneur & Experience Designer, CEO and co-founder of Authenticitys

Elena Rodriguez Blanco (Costa Rica, Spain) is a social entrepreneur. Currently she is the CEO and co-founder of Authenticitys, a boutique platform for social impact experiences in cities and the first B Corporation accredited company in the tourism industry in Europe. She previously founded Bloom Microventures in Vietnam, an organization running in its 12th year on the intersection of microfinance and travel. An international expert in experience design and social innovation and entrepreneurship, Elena is a professor and researcher at several universities in Europe including: Univesitat Pompeu Fabra, ESADE Business School , CETT-UB, the Basque Culinary Centre and European Institute of Design. Elena has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Università Bocconi (exchange in Wharton School), Master in Development Management from London School of Economics and a Master in Team Coaching Entrepreneurship pedagogy from Team Academy and Partus.


Experience Designer, Entrepreneur & Author, Co-Founder of the College of Extraordinary Experiences, Co-Author of Gamification in Tourism

Paul Bulencea is an experience designer, entrepreneur, and author. He researches, designs and produces extraordinary experiences that trigger human transformation. He is the co-founder and CEO of The College of Extraordinary Experiences, one of the world's top experience design conferences and a community of global immersive experience designers.


HR Business Partner, Red Bull

Experienced Human Resource Professional. Brazilian and based 4 year in Austria. Luciane is Psychologist, with a strong background in intercultural projects and change management. ‘Change’ is her first name and ‘Transformation’ the last one.

Passioned for people (as a typical Brazilian) and for the human’s mind her ‘mantra’ is “Beyond the Ordinary”.


Scientist, Educator & Experience Designer, Professor of Experience Design at FH Salzburg

Dr. Barbara Neuhofer is a Professor and Head of Experience Design at the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. As a scientist, educator and speaker, Barbara researches, writes, teaches and speaks about experience design as a philosophy, mindset and toolset to guide human and business transformations across the physical and digital realms. Barbara has published over 30 articles on experiences and has shared her work at over 60 events around the globe, including a talk-performance with Paul Bulencea and Thomas Mertlseder at TEDxBucharest on “The Global State of Awe”.


Experience Designer & Digital Product Strategist, Passenger Experience Designer, Lufthansa Group

Experience designer & digital product strategist based out of Vienna, Austria. After designing some of Red Bull’s biggest digital media outlets and heading its UX Design Team I joined Lufthansas Passenger Experience Design Team to answer the question if tactics and methodologies from the digital world can be applied in the “real world” and if there is a more human way to fly on a plane.


Composer, Educator & Sound Artist

Julian is a producer, composer and educator based in Austria. Under his moniker “BLVEBIRD” he combines organic and synthetic elements to create cinematic musical experiences that subvert expectations. Furthermore he incorporates elements from the world of sound installations and film to create a unique blend of otherworldly music that takes the listener on a journey through sound and never shies away from utilising ugliness to contrast beauty. His work has been featured in a varied array of short films, feature length movies, games, installations and more.


Musician, Composer & Sound Artist

Jakob Vasak is musician, composer and sound artist based in Austria. Over the last years he has been working on various film scores and multimedia productions while always creating new music under his alias “Windtal”. A great part of his inspiration derives from nature, which he expresses by creating uplifting and relieving harmonies which often emerge into violent and powerful textures. His works include ambient and neoclassic but also some deconstructed dance music. By using diverse acoustic instruments, analog syntesizers and field recordings Jakob Vasak walks the line between natural and ethereal sound aesthetics.


Industrial Designer

Robert has been drawing ever since he can remember. After he finished his bachelor in Industrial and Economical Engineering, he wanted to combine his profession with his passion. Now he is an industrial designer who loves problem-solving and visual thinking. His superpower? Turning any idea into a compelling visual. In previous projects, he worked with clients like McKinsey, Engie, WWF, Heineken and KLM.


Chief Product Officer, Anima Mentis

With a background in medicine, Peter is the Chief Product Officer at Anima Mentis, an innovative concept and experiential space, described as the 'fitness centre for the soul'.


UX Designer

Sevin has always been fascinated with the mind. After studying psychology, she ended up as a UX Designer with a strong focus on the human psyche. Never losing the drive to help people, she recently decided to get back into mental health by doubling as a life coach. At the moment, she is working on an online mental health platform at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam.


Illustrator, Painter & Visual Artist

Illustrator, painter & visual artist born in Warsaw, Poland, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. By developing the ‘emotional drawing’ program, she invites to use illustration as a language to express the inexpressible. She has collaborated with Netflix, Loewe, WeTransfer, Elle and Goop.


Songwriter & Musician

MARA is a singer/songwriter from Munich. Gifted with a powerful and soulful voice, she has been writing her own songs since the age of 14 and has honed her craft as a street musician in various bands and solo performances in and around Salzburg. Musically she feels most at home in RnB and Pop but for the EXD Summit she will show us her passion for cinematic sounds...


Culinary & Environmental Experience Designer

Laura had the incredible opportunity to work alongside one of the greatest and most innovative Chefs in Ecuador, Rodrigo Pacheco, renowned worldwide. Under his guidance, she learned how to stage unique experiences for the guests of the Las Tanusas Restaurant in Ecuador. Laura's vision is to combine gastronomy and nature into experiences which connect humans with the environment and the extraordinary.


Certified mental and relaxation trainer, Group fitness instructor, Coach at Alps Fitness Academy

Coaching means a lot of personality, empathy and experience. Nina always gets 100% involved and wants the best for her participants. Together with her brother, Dory Bacher, they offer Fitness Experiences in the heart of the Alps. 5-days of effective functional training in small groups in a paradisiacal ambience: At the Kraftquelle Herrnmühle in Mühlbach (Pinzgau) they offer hundreds of square meters of indoor and outdoor space in the middle of nature, high performance training sessions, yoga and bodega moves. Even food and lifestyle workshops, guided hiking and biking tours as well as special excursions to their private alpine hut at 1800m above sea level are being offered.


Founder of Alpine Swimming, Wild Swimming Guide & Author

Hansjörg Ransmayr pushes the boundaries of what the human body is capable of. As the first Austrian swimming across the Straits of Gibraltar, he has many stories to tell recorded in a book he wrote about wild-swimming in the alps. Besides offering touristic swimming experiences, he also worked successfully as a creative-director, author and created his own brand "Alpine Swimming".

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